Interac Casinos 2021

About Interac

Interac is an e-transfer payment method that provides incredibly secure banking. The payment method has quickly grown in popularity thanks to its fund protection measures and the convenient process. You can swiftly move money from your Canadian bank account to your preferred online casino operator without compromising sensitive financial data. More online casinos are hosting Interac as a payment option because of its demand for online payments.

The Interac national payment network has been on the screen for over thirty years in Canada. They offer a variety of payment services including Interac Debit and e-Transfer. There are over 200 banks in Canada that support the Interac system, so you’ll have to trouble moving money from one account to another using your bank and Interac. This company has established itself as one of the most trusted banking services in Canada with over 16 million transactions taken care of every day.

Why Interac?

The company boasts a proven track record of online banking reliability, security and efficiency. The Interac system is designed to provide high-speed transfers with low fees. Not to mention the solid security protocols in place to keep the process safeguarded. The only thing you need to make Interac payments on online casinos is a personal online banking account. You can then use this to load funds through Interac and then into your online casino bankroll where you can enjoy the entertainment available.

Making withdrawals using Interac

One of the advantages of having an Interac account is that it supports online casino withdrawals, unlike many payment systems. The payment method is connected directly to your bank or credit account so you can move your winnings from the casino operator back onto your Interac account. This is transferred without delays that can take up to a week, the money moves in a matter of hours and there are no fees imposed for the transfer.

Making deposits using Interac

Loading money from Interac to your preferred online casino is a very simple process. First, you have to make sure that the online casino accepts Interac as a form of payment. Then it’s simply a case of following the easy instructions on the cashier. Once you have input the amount you wish to load onto your casino account and complete the deposit, your money will be sitting in your casino bankroll in an instant.

Interac security

At the heart of Interac’s principles is the security protocols in place to keep their customers safe and happy. There are multiple layers of security measures to ensure you never need to share your bank account or credit card details with the online casinos while being able to use money from those accounts. Other measures in place include authentication and transaction encryption, financial institution authentication and proprietary risk management. Further to this, your bank’s security measures are also in force and these include encryption technology, secure logins, confidential ID information and security questions and answers.